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Re: genetal worts

From: US soldier
Date: 20 Feb 2003
Time: 23:41:55
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hey... i was just at the us army std clinic and trust me there is no other place that sees that many STD's so... I will tell you what my doc told me if they just whent away by freezing or any other nonsurgery then you are still infected you just dont have and worts right now.. but.. you can get more worts latter and you also can give it to other people.. there is a 5% chance that you can give it to some one with out having the actual worts visible. there is a 90% chance that you can give it to some one if there is worts visible. now they found out last year that condoms are only like 1% yes thats one percent efective agenst the spread of genital worts . why?? becouse the virus is smaller than the holes in the latex condoms. its kind of like playing tenis with a marble or ball barring. that is what he told me but you can see a uroligist about the sergery to cut off all infected area of the skin or use a lazer to burn it off. if you have the worts on your penis then you can not use the lazer. if it hits the blood cavity in the center of your genitals then they will no longer work sexualy. also there is a chance if they miss even one viris partical then you will get a relaps some time you are not cured. OH sorry about the spelling what can i say im a soldier ;-) but.. to answer your question yes you could give them to her. the best way is to learn more about candyloma pap. virus (HPV) and then talk it over with your partner. there are not persciption creams that will prevent the spead and also the out brake of the virus. there is also and injection that MAY cure you of the virus. If i were you and well im in your same shoes now.. i would talk to a Uralogist about your situation. good luck if you have any questions i can ask the army doctors for you. what can i say think of it as a tax return ;-) well good luck and my email is good luck

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