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Re: Just Wondering

From: US soldier
Date: 20 Feb 2003
Time: 23:54:26
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well this might be just what you say irritaion. But the symtoms you are discribing are very symilar to several STD's Such as clamidia NGU candyloma and several others. most all are treatable some can be cured easily. My Q to you is how long have you been having unpertected sex? have you noticed any thing out of the ordinary on your genital areas? if you pinch the base of your genitals and pull straight forward keeping presure on the under side of your genials is there any discharge? these i would say are questions that you could find out more information with out spending money on the doctor. also you could go to a free sexual health clinic and get checked out. If it is an STD and have been with her unpretected than you prob will have what is bothering her. Just a thought.

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