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Bacterial Vaginosis or Gohnorrea

From: Texas
Date: 25 Feb 2003
Time: 19:35:56
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So, I've read the possible symptoms of both of these infections but neither symptomatic description talk about taste or slight, periocical pain and occasional itchiness. I smell a little fishy but not bad at all. I know my own taste and I taste very sour. The discharge is watery, sometimes slighty colored. Could it Be an Ecoli infection? I have a partner that I only occasionally see. The other night I became too intoxicated and lost my sense of reason and invited a casual acquaintance home for, you know. I have had these symptoms for awhile but I practice safe sex and am just scared that somehow it wasn't enough. I was tested about two months ago and was cleared of all diseases. So, how does taste serve as an indicator?

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