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Non Specific Urethritis

From: Mark
Date: 22 Oct 2002
Time: 12:43:30
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I had unprotected sex with a woman about 3 years ago and was diagnosed with Chlaymidia I was given antibiotics and it cleared up. However during the last three years after having unprotected sex on occassions it came back. However they didnt find Chlaymidia and called it NSU. I have found that every time i have sex without a condom I get the symptoms of NSU and respnd to antibiotics and it goes away only to come back again after having unprotected sex- they find an infection but not chlaymidia. I am starting to wonder that i cant be unlucky enough to sleep with only women who have this infection? Also i currently have developed the symptoms again for about the 10 times and the strange thing is I have not had sex, it came after masturbation, so I am really confused and just want rid of this because it is starting to ruin my life. Every time i go to the clinic i get a full check up and get the all clear and i have even went to my Doctor and he gave me tests and they don't know either and just say im just unlucky because NSU is so common. I am worried now because this infection i got did not come from sexual intercourse. What do i do?

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