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Re: Non Specific Urethritis

From: Rob, Health Adviser
Date: 22 Oct 2002
Time: 17:07:35
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Hi Mark, You sound really stressed out and I don't blame you. I would be too if I was having the probs you are. First of all lets just get a few things straight. NSU stands for Non-Specific Urethritis, this means that the urethra (pee tube inside the penis) is inflamed, and that we don't know what's causing it. NSU is NOT and infection, it is a condition. This means that it not something passed from one person to another. It can be caused by an underlying infection, like Chlamydia, which ofcourse can be passed on. It is not the same as Chlamydia. Totally different. It can also be caused by circumstances which have nothing to do with infections. **It can be caused by regular or occasional heavy drinking (the alcohol you pee out is an irritant) **It can be caused by prolonged and vigorous sex (if you're lucky enough to get that), sex either on your own or with someone else - a really good masturbation session could bring on NSU if it was prolonged or vigorous. **Another cause, and a hot favourite, is soap or shower gell. If you wash the head of the penis in either of these (or any other detergent/astringent), the smallest amount getting inside can damage the delicate lining of the urethra and casue NSU. May be, after sex with women, you've taken special care the wash yourself thoroughly - this could be causing the NSU rather than the sex itself. Washing the head of the penis daily with water alone is enough to keep it clean. Have a think about these possible causes for this condition and see if one of these is likely to be the problem. Your not alone, alot of guys get NSU that's nothing to do with Chlamydia or any other infection. But it should always be checked out just in case. Hope this answers your question, Mark. Rob

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