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Carol English


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Carol English was employed by the Health Visitors’ Association in November 1990 to work in its Labour Relations department.She arrived to discover that the HVA was in the throes of a merger with MSF and within eight months was seconded for a 12 month period to work for the newly elected General Secretary (designate) of MSF, Roger Lyons.

Following the secondment she returned to the Labour Relations department of the HVA but soon took up the post of administrator to the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists and the Medical Practitioners’ Union.  Carol became the National Secretary of the MPU in 1994 and in 1997 took on the newly merged College of Health Care Chaplains, and, most recently, SHASTD.

Carol sees the current challenges for SHASTD to be –


Emphasising the role of Health Advisers within the new DoH initiatives


Promoting the professionalism of  Health Advisers, with particular emphasis on professional self regulation


Promoting the standing of SHASTD within the family of health professions in amicus


Upholding the importance of SHASTD within the proposed new union

bulletEnabling and encouraging interested members of SHASTD to become active on the SHASTD Council and in related activities, thus strengthening the position of SHASTD, the profession of Health Adviser and the standing of its members within the profession.

last updated 18-02-03

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