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MSF is one of the largest trade unions in the country, with over 400,000 members organising in both the public and private sectors.

MSF has a proud record of representing workers from all areas of work, including IT professionals, managers, the voluntary sector and the clergy, as well as more traditional union workplaces like the NHS, Manufacturing and craftspeople.

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They are at the forefront of the movement to provide trade unionism for all our futures.

 MSF is committed to maintaining a National Health Service which:

bulletachieves the highest standards of patient care;
bulletprovides a comprehensive service, free at the point of delivery;
bullettreats patients and staff with equity and fairness;
bulletrecognises the importance of research and development of all aspects of health care;
bulletpushes forward the frontiers of good practice as an employer which values, involves and properly rewards its staff, recognising them as its greatest asset;
bulletenjoys the confidence and support of the population it serves by being directly accountable;
bulletplaces the promotion of good health at the centre of all spheres of decision making, as a part of a holistic approach to public health policy;
bulletrealises all these objectives by being adequately financed from general taxation.

MSF's interest in health policy is based on the interests of both the union members in the NHS and the rest of the membership who use and value the service. MSF represents over 60,000 professional, craft, technical, scientific, medical and nursing staff within the NHS covering a wide spectrum of health related disciplines across all aspects of the health service in the public and private sectors.

Some MSF members in the NHS are part of an autonomous section. These include:

bulletCommunity Psychiatric Nurses Association (CPNA)
bulletGuild of Hospital Pharmacists (GHP)
bulletCommunity Practitioners and Health Visitors Association (CPHVA)
bulletHospital Physicists' Association (HPA)
bulletMedical Practitioners' Union (MPU)
bulletSociety of Health Advisers in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (SHASTD)
bulletAssociation of Facilitators in Primary Care
bulletThe College of Health Care Chaplains

Carol English is the full time MSF national officer responsible for SHASTD. Any enquiries about joining MSF and SHASTD should be directed to her. She can be reached at 020 7939 7092 or

Alternatively our membership secretary, Vincent Lawlor may be able to assist. He can be contacted at Whipps Cross Hospital, 020 8535 6535.


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Full time subscriptions currently stand at 9.75 per month

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