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Other name: Aldara 5% cream

Aldara is a cream that works by improving the immune reaction of the body against genital warts. A box usually contains 12 individual treatment sachets.

When you start to apply the cream it will usually take two weeks before you see any improvement. It may take up to 8 weeks before the warts begin to clear. The maximum duration of treatment is 8 weeks and it is not useful to continue treatment after this date.

Repeating the treatment with the cream is not recommended even if it worked well the first time.

How to use Aldara

bulletthe cream should be applied no more than three times per week until the warts clear or for a maximum of 8 weeks.
bulletapply the cream on alternate nights i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
bulletwash your hands before applying Aldara cream.
bulletput a little of the cream onto your fingertip and rub it into the wart/s.
bulletthrow away any remaining cream in the open sachet.
bulletwash your hands thoroughly after use, paying particular attention to your fingertips, although Aldara does not harm the fingers.
bulletyou MUST wash off the cream in 6 – 10 hours.
bulletIf, in men, the warts are under the foreskin, it should be pulled back and the area washed thoroughly.

 Do not use the cream if ……

bulletyou are or think you may be pregnant.
bulletyou are breastfeeding
bulletthere are open wounds near the warts being treated.
bulletthe warts are inside the vagina, urethra (urinary passage) or anus (back passage).
bulletthere is excessive pain or swelling around the warts. However, it is quite normal to experience some soreness and redness where the cream is applied, and this is a sign that the cream is working.
bulletyou know that you are allergic to Imiquimod (Aldara) or any of its ingredients.
bulletYou intend to have sex within the next 10 hours.


bulletAldara should not be used if you are going to have sexual intercourse. The cream must be washed off beforehand.
bulletAldara may weaken condoms and diaphgrams therefore they should never be used together.
bulletKeep Aldara out of the reach of children.
bulletDo not share the cream with anyone else as this cream is not suitable for everyone.

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