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Facial spot

Typical skin molluscum

indurated spots

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What is it?

This is a harmless skin condition caused by a virus

How does it show itself?

The virus causes spots to appear on the skin. They are usually small, pink or flesh coloured and can sometimes have a small dimple in the centre. When touching them they can feel `waxy`

Are they common?


How do I get them?

The virus is passed on by close body contact including sexual contact. It may be possible to get them from towels and clothing. It is therefore not unusual for other family members to get them or groups of children in a school class or nursery.

From the time from coming into contact with the virus to developing spots varies from approximately two weeks to three months and they may not all appear at the same time.

Can they be treated?

They can be treated with a cold spray called cryotherapy which freezes them off but this can cause scarring and therefore many doctors advise they be left alone. Eventually they should disappear. If treated you will usually be advised to come again after your first visit to the clinic so that we can see that they have been treated successfully and that no other spots have developed. You may need more than one treatment. Often they disappear without treatment.

What about partners?

Any sexual partner is welcome to attend a clinic and it would be preferable to avoid sexual contact until the spots have cleared although this is not essential.

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