6 Reasons Why You Can Still Have Braces over the Age Of 50


Many people still associate braces with teenagers, but adult braces are becoming increasingly popular year on year. It’s never too late to have treatment to improve the alignment of your teeth and the appearance of your smile.

Whether you’re 12, 28 or 60, you can have braces and the good news is that there is now a huge range of treatments to choose from and treatment times are shorter than ever before.

Here are 6 good reasons you can still have a brace if you’re over the age of 50:

1.      You should never stop making an effort

Just because you’re over 50 does not mean that you shouldn’t take pride in your appearance and if you think that a brace will benefit your looks, it’s definitely worth doing.

Nowadays, people are living longer than ever before and 50 is definitely the new 40, so if you’re thinking of getting a brace, go for it!

2.      Your smile is your best feature

Polls that ask people what their best or most important features are usually list the smile as the top answer. This comes as no surprise, as it’s the first thing most people notice about you when they meet you for the first time.

If you’re not happy with your smile and want treatment but have been put off by the range of treatments available, the lengthy treatment time or the cost, now is the time to reconsider getting braces. A new smile will boost your confidence and ensure that your smile is your best feature.

3.      First impressions are crucial

First impressions count, whatever age you are and your smile can help you to create positive first impressions. Surveys suggest that people look at other people’s smiles before any other feature.

The smile is an important factor for partners and employers, with dating websites suggesting that most value a nice smile as the most attractive feature in a potential partner. The majority of employers also state that they are more likely to employ someone with a healthy looking smile.

4.      Nobody need know that you’re having treatment

If you want a brace but you’re not sure about having treatment because you’re embarrassed about wearing a brace at 50, think again. There are many treatments on the market now, which are virtually invisible, so nobody else will even be able to see that you are wearing a brace.

Possible treatment options include

  • Invisalign
  • Clearstep
  • Simpli5
  • Lingual braces

5.      Treatment times are shorter than ever

Many people were put off having orthodontic treatment in the past by the fact that they would have to wear a brace for at least a year, but modern treatments work much quicker and some produce amazing results in a matter of weeks.

If you’re wondering ‘how much are braces going to cost?’ simply select the link.

6.      Orthodontic problems do not go away

If you’re thinking about having a brace this means that you have orthodontic issues.

Whether you have slightly crooked front teeth or severe crowding, these problems are never going to get better without treatment and it’s never too late to try and correct the problems. Wearing a brace for 6 months will make your smile look better and improve the function of your mouth for many years to come.

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