Speaking with New Dentures

Speaking and eating with your new Dentures can be quite difficult in the beginning. Take the precautions form the cosmetic dentist for your new dentures, several speech sounds, particularly the S’s and the She’s can be affected by the shape that your tongue makes against your teeth and your palate at the front of your mouth. If the position of your teeth is slightly changed, or the palates shape is changed it could take quite a while for your tongue to learn how to make the right shape again to make the sound come out of your mouth properly. Try to read aloud to help you practice. Things can improve quite quickly, but you must give them the chance to. They can’t improve if you keep going back to your old set of teeth. Just like with eating, it’s not wise for you to expect to be able to eat very hard, sticky or chewy foods. You’ll need to get used to the feel inside your mouth, and how these new teeth will work for you. Choose soft tasty foods to start off and never try eating too fast. Another great tip for you to remember is to avoid filling up your plate. You don’t want your hot food to get cold because you’re eating slower than usual. Cold food is just not as appetizing as hot food either. If you’re hungry and you still feel like eating, it’s better to go for a second helping then to put it all on your plate at one time.

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