How To Amp Up Your Wardrobe

Dying for a change? It’s not as hard you think to change your style and give your closet a boost. Sometimes clever ways to shop or just one or two great pieces can do wonders.

Get Inspired

You know you want to change up your look, but you’re not sure what you should change to. Flip through magazines to get inspired. Cut our pictures of women that you aspire to dress like, then make a shopping list of everything you’ll need to achieve the look. Never underestimate what you already own, though - once you go looking for it, you may find that you have much of what you need in your own home!

Take a Peek In Your Closet

Odds are that a majority of the clothing that’s hanging in your closet hasn’t been worn before. You’ll be amazed with the outfits you can create with the pieces you already have. If you go shopping for one or two add-on pieces, you can create entirely new looks by combining the new items with clothing you’ve had for years - some styles never go out of style!

Buy Something Sexy

There are few ways to feel sexier immediately than by wearing something ravishing underneath your clothing. Lingerie and corsets can make you feel - and act! - like a whole new person. Embarrassed to walk into a store looking for sexy lingerie? Sites like Glamour Boutique let you do the shopping from the comfort of your couch.

Setup a Clothing Trade

Gather a few friends who are the same size as you and trade clothing that you never wear. One person’s junk will be another person’s treasure! Sometimes people buy items that just aren’t “them,” but that doesn’t mean the style won’t fit somebody else! Just make sure the clothing is clean and in good condition.

Buy Accessories and Costume Jewelry

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to punch up an outfit is to purchase accessories. Scarves, statement jewelry, sunglasses, hats and bags can take clothing from drab to fab. Plus, accessories don’t have to be expensive!

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