Exploring Istanbul by Night on a Turkish Food Tour

shutterstock_97530341.downloadA Turkish food Tour is the perfect breakthrough into discovering Istanbul’s culinary delicacies in various joints across the capital. In Istanbul you’ll find an experienced local guide to take on a tour of the capital’s major food hotspots that aren’t known to many visitors. The food tour usually lasts for 5 hours, and you will do most of the baking as you check out a traditional submit bakery’. Here you have a chance to prepare your own kebabs on the luminous open fire set in a barbecue restaurant, and later a visit to a methane’ for a taste of meze with music from live bands.

Highlights of Turkish food tour

A memorable 5-hour Turkish food tour in Turkey’s capital Istanbul, led by seasoned local guides

Step off the common tourist trail and eat like a local

Visit a kiraathane (meeting room) as you devour a simit bagel in a renowned bakery owned by locals

Get a chance to grill your own kebabs on open fire set in a serene barbeque restaurant

Treat yourself to live music as you party the night away in a Turkish tapas bar

Each food tour is made up of a small group to ensure a more personalized experience

What You Can Expect

Turkish cuisines are a different fusion of recipes from the East and Mediterranean, and represent a tantalizing variety of local flavors blended with spices and natural herbs, and Istanbul-as Turkey’s capital-is definitely the Turkish culinary hotspot

With numerous sidewalk cafes that are further complemented by sellers on the streets and meyhanes, knowing the perfect hotspot to eat is a challenge, but the local guides are the best in their own game.

The expert guide will unravel the hidden culinary hotspots that are only known to locals, and you’ll have a chance to sample Istanbul’s tantalizing specialties.

The first stop after being picked from your Istanbul hotel will be at the ancient bakery to have a taste of the much-loved simit bagel.

As you enjoy the sticky treat seasoned with grape syrup you’ll be guided to a kiraathane where can interact with local men and even play cards as you sip traditional Turkish tea.

The food tour will not be complete without visiting the Ocakbasi – traditional bakery. Get close to the fire and see if you can grill a kebab while sipping on a glass of raki- aniseed liquor.

Dance the night away

Streets in Istanbul are always busy, with restaurants on both sides. Take a leisurely stroll down the city’s streets, and hop into the lively methane where you can party the entire evening.

This joint is popular for its live music, and you can feel the energy as the bar transforms into a rendezvous expression of dancing accelerated by the live dancers.

Be treated to a plate of Turkey is popular meze starters as the music take the better of you, and a bowl Işkembe Çorbasi soup will wash down the fine tunes down your throat.

Istanbul nights often last till late, so make the best out of you evening with more raki and with a turkey visa you don’t have to worry about partying till late. Late into the night you’ll be dropped off to your hotel.

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