Designing a Smile

When a dentist designs your smile, when it is possible, they should visually communicate with the patient. While designing the dentures, the dentists has to keep in mind that the patient would be wearing the dentures everyday for the next three (3) years and not themselves.

Dentures are not made or designed to last forever. They are only designed to last a maximum of three (3) years. After the three (3) years the dentures can cause changes to the mouth. For example, if your dentures do not fit popularly then the dentures can cause the gums to shrink at a faster rate. In this case, it will become harder for any further fitting for dentures. Also, in some cases of when there is damage caused by old dentures, the damage maybe irreversible.

Your dentures and your clothes are similar. You wouldn’t except your clothes to last for ten (10) years without some type of worn and tear on them and not fitting like they use to when you first got the article of clothing. Your dentures are no different. After three (3) years, the dentures has gotten one thousand and ninety five (1,095) days of worn and tear on them.

After three (3) years, the dentures cannot do their job properly because of the changes your mouth has done over those years.

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