A Better-Looking You For 2013

How Does Cosmetic Surgery Improves Your Lifestyle?Botox injections can give people a smoother looking face without making the face look phony or stiff. With a professional cosmetic surgeon injecting Botox, a client will see fine lines; wrinkles and crow’s feet disappear from their faces. Botox is a toxin, which will help wrinkles to relax and even out, by paralysing the nerve impulses. The appearance of the face will be smoother and the clients face will look refreshed. Botox has also been known to help patients with extreme sweating, muscle contraction around the eyes and in the neck and help lessen migraine headaches.

As an outpatient procedure, the surgeon will inject the Botox into specific muscles in the facial area of the patient to reduce wrinkles, creases and fine lines. Generally no anaesthesia is administered to the patient and the whole procedure only takes a few minutes. The injections may cause a mild discomfort in the patient for a few seconds. Patients usually see a major difference in their wrinkles and lines right away and the treatment will last anywhere from four to six months. Some patients will not need another treatment for more than six months, but in most cases, the wrinkles and lines will reappear. Some patients have also seen a decrease in the depth of the creases on their faces after having a few treatments. Sometimes the muscles relax, which keeps the wrinkles from returning to their original depths.

Recovery for the patient is very quick. Usually they are fine immediately after the Botox injections. Patients are instructed by the surgeons not to rub or massage the injected areas and not to lie down for a few hours after the procedure. Some patients may have minor bruising or swelling in the injected area, but that will disappear within 48 hours after the procedure. Sometimes the Botox travels to other areas of the face and some patients experience drooping eyelids. This side effect is usually gone within three weeks.

Botox injections are a non-surgical treatment and carry less risk then other complicated procedures. With the right surgeon who has had Botox training course, patients regain the natural look to their facial area. The patient will gain smooth and younger looking features immediately after their injections. Botox is a temporary procedure and will not permanently change the structure of a patients face or neck area. Botox will not freeze the face; it will rejuvenate the muscles and relieve the patient of fine lines and wrinkles for many months.

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