Effects of alcohol on sexual health

Alcohol has various effects on the sexual health of men and women. Some of them enlisted are below.


Generally, as the volume of alcohol consumed increases, there is an increase in the negative effects it has on a man’s sexual health. Some of the effects include erection difficulties, difficulties in ejaculating, loss of libido, sexual aggression and infertility. Although consumption of alcohol in small amounts is considered socially acceptable to increase sexual desire, it is very easy for this positivity to turn into a negative and lead to undesirable activities. As an erection is essential for sex for men and alcohol inhibits erections, consuming large volumes of alcohol is not helpful for men.

Research into effects of alcohol on the sexual health for men as research relies on men recollecting events, as alcohol causes temporary memory loss. Research shows about 15% of men have difficulties ejaculating, 54% men can’t maintain their erections and 43% men have decreased libido on the consumption of large volumes of alcohol.

Amongst non-alcoholics, i.e. men who are moderate in their alcohol consumption rates are obviously less likely to suffer from these effects. Such difficulties generally don’t occur to non-alcoholics, even if they are drunk. Alcohol is also said to impact testosterone levels in men. Research shows testosterone levels fall in both alcoholic men and in non-alcoholic men who are intoxicated. Alcoholism frequently results in hypogonadism. This, however, does not occur when alcohol is consumed in moderation.

Studies show that as much as 50% of intoxicated have permanent repercussions on the sexual health of alcoholic men, with most of them unable to maintain an erection and without normal erectile functioning.


Women also have some negative repercussions from rampant alcoholism. The most common effects of alcohol on women and their sexuality are reduced sexual arousal, reduced sexual satisfaction, difficulty achieving orgasm and less frequent orgasms. According to research, 40% of women have problems with arousal when they are under the influence of alcohol, and around about 15% women under the influence of alcohol cannot achieve orgasm. Another research conducted on alcoholic women in rehab showed 41% negative effects on the sexual health of these women.

However, there is contradictory research, with studies showing opposing results of alcohol on a woman’s sexual health. While some research shows vasocongestion, decreased vaginal lubrication and decrease in sexual response for a woman under the influence of alcohol, other research shows alcoholic women reporting women experiencing greater levels of sexual arousal.

A study has shown that sexual arousal for women who have masturbated under the influence of alcohol had taken longer to climax but with a reduced intensity. The same study on the same women reported greater pleasure levels when the amount of alcohol they consumed was increased. This contradiction can be explained by the non-correlation of subjective reporting to physiological measurements like heart rate and genital blood flow.

Thus, we’ve proved that in general, alcoholism has a negative effect on the sexual health of both men and women. You can check if your ehic card covers any sexual or alcohol related health issues.

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