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Gill Bell is our research officer. We have commissioned an international literature search on health adviser related activities. It is available online to members. In time it is our intention to launch a small bursary scheme to encourage more small scale research projects if we can attract funding from other sources.


In order for Health Advising to develop as a profession, more research on issues related to Health Advising is desirable. More specifically, an increase in the amount of research published by Health Advisers will encourage debate, in addition to raising the profession’s visibility and credibility with colleagues and employers.

Many Health Advisers carry out research and some have published the results or presented them at conferences. SHASTD council is currently planning a number of projects which will facilitate further research; one of these is the compilation of a register of published or unpublished research by Health Advisers.  The register will help Health Advisers who are undertaking research projects to identify gaps in research, find relevant references and get in touch with each other in order to exchange ideas.

If you have carried out any research which relates to your work as a Health Adviser, or which is relevant to any aspect of Health Advising work, you can help us by supplying the information specified below.

Your name
Work Address
Work Telephone
Post Held
Title of research
If the research work is complete, when was it completed?
If it is not complete, are you continuing to work on it?
If the research has been published, please give details
Please provide a brief (up to approximately 500 word) summary of your research topic or problem
Your e-mail address

(Please complete one form for each research item)

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