Is a Mini Facelift or Inverted Nipple Surgery Right for You?

Affecting nearly 2 percent of all women in America, inverted nipples inhibit the major factors associated with womanhood: sexuality and motherhood. If you are one of the 2 percent affected by an inverted nipple there is help. A cosmetic surgery known as inverted nipple correction provides desired results giving the appearance of a normal-looking nipple. An inverted nipple is simply a nipple that points inward and may appear flat. With inverted nipple surgery, the nipple is extracted and protrudes outward giving the breast the desired appearance. As with any surgery involving an incision at the areola, breastfeeding may be impossible. If this is a concern, be sure to discuss the pros and cons with the surgeon during your consultation. Inverted nipples can be caused from problems during breastfeeding, such as constricted milk ducts or scarring of milk ducts. Inverted nipples can also be a condition that a woman is born with, known as a congenial condition. Regardless of severity of inversion or basis of inversion, nipple surgery or nipple correction is an effective measure to ease insecurities and enhance the appearance of the breast.

Sometimes referred to as a “weekend face lift,” the mini facelift is a pint-sized version of the traditional facelift. The mini face lift offers some advantages over the traditional version. First, the recovery period is much shorter with a mini facelift and is the reason why the term “weekend face lift” was created. Second, the mini facelift affords the client with a procedure that pinpoints a specific imperfection enhancing the ability of the surgeon in creating the best results possible. Another important aspect of the mini face lift cosmetic surgery is the subtle change in appearance as compared to the drastic results of the traditional facelift. Such a subtle change renders a more natural appearance and can nearly inhibit the signs of aging from showing if started soon enough.

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