Laser Dentistry and the future of dentistry

Laser dentistry is an effective technological advancement which enables the dentist to perform dental jobs efficiently. The dentist is at ease able to see clearly with the lasers and focus
properly on the affected dental areas of concern. This allows treatment to be performed accurately in a highly specific area of the teeth ensuring that
the surrounding areas of soft tissue are not damaged.

If you are a nervous patient and anxious about seeing the dentist then laser dentistry can offer the safety and reassurance that you might need, but
this type of technology is not for something like a tooth extraction. There are many dentists who have
incorporated laser dentistry into their practices and offer services that incorporate the techniques of laser dentistry. Laser dentistry is becoming
increasingly popular and as the demand for laser technology is increasing more and more dentist are offering dental treatments with laser dentistry.

The main benefits of laser dentistry is that dental treatments involving soft tissues may be in less need of having stitches. Some laser procedures to
not necessarily need anaesthesia as the highly powered light beam aids in a visibly clear focused look at the affected area. Laser dentistry minimises
bleeding because the light beam helps in clotting exposed blood vessels. The high energy light beam used in laser dentistry reduces the risk of
bacterial infections as it sterilizes the affected area that is being worked on. Laser dentistry enables the damage to the wound to heal more quickly
and prevents further damage to the surrounding tissue.

Laser dentistry procedures can range from a laser cavity detector which puts low intensity laser lights on the soft tissue areas which help to detect
an early formation of cavities. Dental lasers are becoming common practice in the UK and in particular with Birmingham dentists and can be used in reshaping gums for gum contouring procedures or even be used
for the tooth preparation of dental crowning and fillings.