Dental Care

How’s this for ironic. In 2008, Sainsbury’s (yes, the supermarket) announced its intention to offer customers in-store dental work. At the time of the
announcement, a spokesman for the company said “we are doing this because there is a shortage of dental practices is the UK.”

When a dentist designs your smile, when it is possible, they should visually communicate with the patient. While designing the dentures, the dentists
has to keep in mind that the patient would be wearing the dentures everyday for the next
three (3) years and not themselves.


Maintaining your mouth clean and healthy is very important. This not only serves the purpose of maintaining the health of your teeth and gums but is
also important for maintaining your overall health as potential problems can arise if your teeth or gums are not in good shape.

Many people are under the wrong impression that oral hygiene is only about brushing the teeth. Brushing the teeth is just one part of the oral hygiene.
Other oral hygiene habits should involve maintaining the gums and the surface of the tongue clean and healthy.