Low Level Laser Therapy

Advancements are being made in hair transplant surgeries all the time and this time it is low level
laser therapy also referred to as “cold lasers.”

Low level laser therapy was first used to treat extreme ulcers for patients who had diabetes. It is a way of bringing blood supply back to a certain
area and that is why it has become so famous for people losing their hair. Blood supply loss to an area such as the scalp can cause it to stop growing
hair and that is what a lot of men and women are dealing with all across the nation.

For decades, Europe has been treating hair loss patients with this therapy and it has become a great alternative to hair transplants. This is how it works:

First of all, when you start the therapy program you will be given some supplies that will help you through the process of low level laser therapy.
Here is a list of items you will receive:

 Instructional guide to your new products

 Laser hair care shampoo and conditioner

 Minoxidil

 DHT Blocker

 Enzyme cleaner

This therapy works by using a red light that travels through layers of tissue within the scalp. It does not hurt, there is no burning or cutting
through the whole process. The light is meant to repair cells that have been damaged. In turn it improves cell function in the scalp allowing hair to
grow again.

Low level laser therapy is an alternative for women who cannot have hair transplant surgery due to the lack of hair atop their head. People all across
Europe are happy with the results they have gotten from the therapy and it is becoming a popular way to take care of hair loss issues every day.