Self Confidence Assured with Better Skin

As a teenager I suffered from Acne and as I struggled through the embarrassment and every spot cream I could find, I always get saying to myself they will go away eventually and eventually they did. Though what I wasn’t aware of was the effect those spots would have on my skin, and now my cheeks are pock marked with acne scars. I want a permanent solution for my skin.

Treatments for people with acne scars have come a long way and people like me no longer have to live with bad skin. Here are a couple of the treatments that are available and that I am considering so that I can finally get my face sorted out.

Derma Rollers: This is another effective treatment, though better known as an anti aging treatment; it can be just as effective for acne scars. The British College of Aesthetic Medicine states that Derma Rollers “are supported by clinical studies to be effective in non-surgical and non-ablative treatment for a variety of skin conditions”. The procedure creates small punctures in the skin that causes your body to start producing collagen and elastin. The healing process breaks up the scar tissue and fill it with the collagen, leaving you with smoother, more even skin. You do not have to go to a healthcare professional for this procedure; you can buy them from many sources, including this online skincare retailer.

Skin Peels: This is another effective treatment against acne scars and is recommended by the NHS to tackle the problem. A skin peel procedure is where a chemical solution is applied to the face, causing the skin to peel off and new skin to replace it. There is a few weeks recovery time as your skin heals, but afterwards your face will be smoother and more vibrant then before. A local skin specialist  was recommended to me by a fellow acne sufferer but if you need to find a dermatologist or skin specialists in your area try the Private Healthcare UK website for more information.

Hopefully soon I will no longer have to hide behind make up and will finally be proud to walk around in my soon to be flawless skin.

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