Why consider The Wentworth Clinic for Cosmetic Surgery?

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The Wentworth Clinic provides clients with cosmetic procedures, skin cancer treatment, laser treatment and facial rejuvenation. The focus is on improving and enhancing aesthetics, boosting confidence and enabling clients to live their life to the full. The team have been changing lives for the better since 2000 and are renowned for their service.

Wentworth Clinic

The clinic is located in the Southbourne area of Bournemouth and is the creation of husband and wife team, Ilanko and Regina Ilankovan. The clinic offers a range of non-surgical treatments to help patients achieve the look they want, with Mr Ilankovan being a Consultant Facial, Head and Neck Surgeon who is highly respected. The clinic provides special offers to help clients achieve their look within their price limit.

Cosmetic Procedures

Chin implants and face implants are a favourite choice of treatment for many clients at the clinic, but one of the most popular procedures is the neck lift. The neck is one of the most prominent areas for sagging skin (jowls) and wrinkles as we get older due to the natural supplies of collagen in the body diminishing. So it’s no surprise that the neck lift surgery is a popular treatment choice.

A neck lift can be carried out in tandem with a face lift or independently. The aim of the procedure is to tighten the skin while maintaining a natural look. It is not as invasive or complex as a face lift and can be carried out under local anaesthetic as part of a lunchtime lift. It is also possible for a chin implant to be performed following a neck lift, as this can help to improve profile and balance the other facial features.

What does a Neck Lift involve?

A neck lift involves improving the aesthetics of the neck and jaw area by means of releasing the platysma muscle from the skin. The muscle is freed from the skin and repositioned before excess skin is removed, the entire procedure typically taking just two hours and requiring very little downtime.

In order to free the platysma muscle one incision is made in the chin and two incisions are made underneath the ear lobes towards the scalp. The platysma muscle is completely dissected from the skin and then repositioned, the incision then being sutured using a corset-type form of stitching to prevent fat herniation.

Why would I consider a Neck Lift the Wentworth Clinic?

You may consider a neck lift if you have noticed the skin around your jaw is beginning to sag or that there are lines on your neck. Lines and wrinkles are common signs of ageing and the neck is one of the first places to display these symptoms. A neck lift removes excess skin to create a youthful, natural look that boosts confidence and rolls back the years. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic in a safe environment and has a quick recovery process, with results becoming apparent almost immediately.

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