About the breast augmentation

A breast augmentation surgery is also known as a augmentation mammaplasty or breast enlargement. The surgery involves making your breasts look fuller or larger with use of different types of implants. Usually women who have lost a significant amount of weight, have naturally small breasts, or have just gotten over a pregnancy chose this type of surgery to make themselves look and feel more appealing.

A breast augmentation can help improve the balance of your figure as well as help boost your self confidence and self image. A breast augmentation can also be used to repair the breast area after a serious injury, a mastectomy, or after having breast cancer, though the later is not as recommended.

A breast augmentation does not cure someone who’s breasts droop severely. If this is the problem you are having then you will want to consider a breast lift. You can have an augmentation and a lift together to reshape and lift your breasts. In most cases this is safe, but you will have to discuss the options with your doctor and arrive at a decision together. If you are considering breast augmentation then you will want to make sure you are physically healthy, have realistic expectations, your breasts are fully developed, and you feel like you need to change them.

Never decide to get a breast enlargement if you feel fine about your appearance, but someone else wants you to change it. It’s a personal choice and it should stay that way. If someone is pressuring you to have a breast enlargement then you need to explain to them that it’s your choice and not theirs. Always make sure to talk to your doctor if you feel this is a decision you want to make. They can help you make the right choice for you.

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