Pregnancy, Lifestyle Changes & Complications

Pregnancy can be a very exciting time in a woman’s life, but if it is your first baby it can also be quite scary. Your body will be undergoing serious changes that will affect your everyday lifestyle and there are always potential complications that you will have to look out for. Most pregnancies are very smooth, with nothing but a touch of morning sickness to make the experience unpleasant. If you want to ensure that you give both yourself and your baby the best chance of staying healthy, then there are plenty of steps you can take yourself to help nature on its way.

Lifestyle changes

Once you have confirmed you are pregnant, either through a home test or with your family doctor, you will have to change your lifestyle to cope with the changes your body is undergoing. Most women will suffer from morning sickness to some degree and will also feel more tired than usual. Listen to your body and rest when you feel you need to. There are certain foods that you will need to avoid because of the damage they can do to your unborn baby; similarly some very common over the counter medicines like ibuprofen should not be taken by pregnant women.

If you drink or smoke, you should definitely think about quitting while you are pregnant. The toxins in cigarette smoke can pass across the placenta and drinking too much or binge drinking while pregnant can lead to birth defects. Take good care of your body with foods rich in vitamins, calcium and iron and take gentle exercise. This will also help you lose the baby weight after your child is born!


Men can suffer complications such as erectile dysfunction. The only “complication” most women suffer is morning sickness or tiredness, perhaps a change in mood. There are more serious conditions that can lead to birth being induced early or, tragically, miscarriages. You shouldn’t spend your whole pregnancy worrying about this possibility, as stress while pregnant is bad for the baby too. Be aware of the symptoms of these complications and don’t hesitate to call your family doctor or even the emergency services if you are at all concerned. Men who have to contend with the issue of erectile dysfunction will find info on cures for impotence very useful, as this condition can make it difficult for couples to get pregnant and have children.

Make sure you attend check-ups and scans as these are the most likely way that any potential problems can be spotted and hopefully fixed.

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