A dashing, rounded tan goes a long way to giving you that dashing look. People all around the country spend a billion dollars together aimed only at getting the perfect tan on their bodies. This makes tanning a big industry, and there are several artificial modes of inducing tan that are available in the market these days. These can be availed either by visiting salons offering tanning beds or spray tanning booths, or by simply buying you someself-tan products.

Everyone wants a nice, rounded tan to show off, but not too many people have the time to go out to a beach and get a natural tan. Others who do have time avoid natural tans due to their possibility of leading to skin damage on account of excessive ultra-violet radiation in sunlight. Therefore, one of the things that have become popular recently is self-tan products. Self-tanners are safe, hassle free and quick methods of inducing tan on your skin. However, it is important that you select the product that is right for your skin and requirements. Here is how to do that.

Finding the right self-tanner for you

The right tan product for you depends on three factors: ingredients, power and price. The right mix of these three characteristics makes a tan product suitable or unsuitable of a particular target customer. What ingredients do you need in your self-tanning product? Well, not going into too much detail here, let us just mention that there are a few tan products out there in the market that lead to streaking. Streaking is a situation where a small part of the skin absorbs more of the tan product than others, leaving a dark “streak” on your skin completely messing it up. There are several lotions out there which guarantee no streaks. Try one of those.

Coming to power, how strong your tan is typically depends on how much of the lotion you have applied on any part of your skin. Hence, you ought to take care to apply the skin cream evenly. To help you make sure you are not repeatedly addressing the same area of your skin, we suggest buying a lotion that has a colour base. That way, you can tell when a certain part is saturated.

Finally, the price would depend on the ingredients used and the features that the lotion is claimed to have. Remember that with all matters that deal with cosmetic products, the cheapest is usually a bad idea. Also remember to take into account similar products of different brands before you make a choice to ensure that your product is not overpriced.

How To Apply Self-Tan Lotion

1.  Clean your skin with soap and water and dry thoroughly, this would remove all dirt, dust and dead skin, exposing the real surface of the skin.

2.  Wear your undergarments to give the tan a natural look.

3. Apply the tan evenly throughout the body keeping in mind that using it excessively in any one part of the skin would result in darker shades.

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