Whether you’re a mother, wife, a woman working in the corporate world or a mix of all three, life can take a toll on you.

With so many people and responsibilities tugging at you on a constant basis, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of who you are. In addition to knowing who you are, it can also be difficult to remember to take good care of yourself. Self-care is so important and it manifests itself in different ways.

As a woman, its important to feel feminine and beautiful.

Femininity and self-care can combine in some really beautiful ways. Consider these three ways that you can rejuvenate yourself on a consistent basis and feel more feminine.

1. Self-care

Many women love to receive manicures and pedicures. Even though most people can throw on a coat of nail polish on their own, its still really nice to get pampered. It’s also helpful to have someone do the work for you.

Allow yourself a chance to go to the spa and get a massage. It will rejuvenate and loosen up tense muscles. It will decrease your stress level too. Instead of doing it yourself, go to the salon and let someone else handle the work of your hairdo. These tactics are all stress-free ways to allow yourself to feel more feminine and beautiful.

It is also important to look after yourself. Regularly visit the dentist, eat healthily and workout. Not looking after yourself can seriously damage your self-confidence. Looking after yourself is the number one priority.

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2. Indulgences

Do not feel guilty about treating yourself once in a while.

Buy some new clothes, get some nice food for a special meal or take some time to yourself to do what you love.

It can be good to go to fitness classes, or join a society of your choice so that you can do what you love and practice self-development as well as growing in your professional life.

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3. Accountability

Accountability is so incredibly important because without it, its easy to fall off the wagon of self-care.

If you’re not used to putting your self-care on the list of things to take care of for the day, its wise to ask someone else to hold you to a certain standard.

Not only that, its good to have back-up when you need it. If you’ve committed to going to a workout class for the day and your babysitter gets sick, have a friend available whom you can call at a moments notice if something ever happens. Always do your best to maintain a contingency plan.

Femininity should never take a backseat in the life of any woman. Self-care should never take a backseat either. Once you are intentional about both facets, your quality of life will definitely improve.