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Smoking ruins your health!

If there’s one habit that can do harm to you it is smoking.

A normal cigarette gives rise to almost 7000 chemicals when it is smoked. And almost 70% of them are cancer causing agents.

What does smoking do to your body?

  • Smoking ruins your teeth

Nicotine and the chemicals in smoke cause discolouration to teeth as well as gum disease, bad breath and potentially fatal diseases like oral cancers. Visit your dentist for checkups regularly to make sure that your mouth is in good health. Your dentist can advise you on a hygiene routine to look after your teeth and gums. Find out more about treatments.

  • Respiratory system

Lungs essentially filter the air that you intake into the body. But when you inhale cigarette smoke the lungs are filled with toxic substances which lead to a number of respiratory diseases such as cough and flu.

There is also a chance of falling for emphysema, in which the lungs air sacs are completely taken apart. In case of chain smokers, there is a high risk of catching these life threatening chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). Lung cancer cases are also frequently observed in case of long time smokers. Read 5 ways to heal yourself.

  • Nervous system

Nicotine present in the tobacco used in these cigarettes is highly dangerous since it has the ability to reach the brain in a short span of time. It can make you feel high in energy for a little while and then can suddenly scoop in all your energy. It is a highly addictive chemical and gets the people hooked to the cigarettes.

Apart from the obvious impact on the lungs and brain, regular smoking is also well known to hurt the eye sight and force you towards depression. Read about stress-relief.

How do I quit?

While quitting smoking seems to be the obvious answer to this, it is much easier said than done. If you have already tried to quit smoking and failed at it, we have a perfect alternative for you.


E-Cigarettes are the number one choice when wanting to stop smoking.

The evidence suggests that vaping is much safer than smoking. An electric cigarette will allow you to inhale nicotine without the other harmful toxins that come with cigarettes.

This also hugely cuts the risk of second hand smoke as no burning is involved in the process. E-liquid comes in various flavours and is the substance used in the E-cigarette device and is heated during the process.

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