Where to start for Physical Therapists?

Not all physical therapists will take the same classes; depending on your intended specialty, you might be learning about elbow joints while another student studies podiatric massage. There are, however, a few courses that all physical therapists should take, and here are just three of them.

1. Ethics in Physical Therapy Practice

How much is too much? What kind of confidentiality do you owe your patients? These are just a few of the questions that youll be expected to answer at the end of an ethics course, and theyre important inquiries for anyone going into physical therapy.

2. The ABCs of Documentation for Physical Therapy Assistants

No one likes paperwork, but it will be a big part of your workload when you become a physical therapist. This class will explain the ins and outs of documentation that are applicable no matter where you eventually decide to focus your practice. As a bonus, youll get faster with paperwork through repeated exposure.

3. Redefining Therapy Using Technology

As the world continues to evolve, its more important than ever that physical therapists arent behind the times. This class will introduce you to the technology thats changing the medical field and explain why its so critical that you understand it now.

These are just three physical therapy courses that are suitable for all specialties and educational levels. Whether youre interested in becoming a chiropractor or a trauma specialist, these classes will help you get where you need to go.