Case Study 12

A fifteen-year-girl attends the clinic requesting the combined oral contraceptive pill, as she does not like condoms.  The girl is the daughter of a colleague and you know her but she does not know you. You discover she has had many sexual partners and was recently treated for a sexually transmitted disease.  Apparently her parents are unaware of her behaviour. Although you have a long talk with her about condom use in the context of a sexual health, she seems to display a cavalier attitude and still insists she will not use protection. The following week you meet the girl’s mother after a professional meeting.   She confides in you her fears concerning her daughter'’ behaviour concerning drug misuse and wonders if she is sexually active.  She asks if you have seen her in the clinic and promises not to reveal you as a source of information if her fears are justified.  She stresses she will not reveal any lack of confidentiality on your part if you have any information for her.

Where to begin?

You are advised to search out your own original material

Suggested starter reading;

Confidentiality: Protecting and Providing Information

Confidentiality and disclosure of health information

Confidentiality and people under 16

Guidelines for professional practice UKCC